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March 18

dessert Merrrickville1

Dessert – some thing we enjoy  we use the letter S twice

dessert Merrickville

The teacher had given us this “hint”  While a desert is someplace that is hot and dry, and we are not likely to want it again.  My thinking is that since the dessert did and does look so good, I can have or enjoy it, but only once.  Thankfully, it was not ordered by myself, but I did get to enjoy it. =^_^=

Perfect Liberty day 18  (calendar)

You will feel better when you take immediate action

Things have a way of getting more complicated when you procrastinate.  Work on taking immediate action and  you will discover many ways to tackle the situation.

Enjoy another sun filled day.



Comments on: "March 18" (3)

  1. I remember that dessert has the extra s because it can add on “excess”
    And I like that liberty tip about getting things done

  2. Moz Loordes said:

    Lovely! There’s nothing like a good plate of sugar 🙂

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