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The loss

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Unexpected is when something happens you are not expecting, or prepared for.  Yet even knowing that death is immanent, that it is jut a  matter of time.  The loss is a void without words, without reprieve.


I struggle at times to find the words,  or a way of expressing how I feel, then I found this picture.  I could relate.  It is not a burden to be carried, it simply IS.


It doesn’t mean that life stops, it doesn’t. My physical being is still intact, still living, laughing, loving and yet….  “I” am not the same.

Nick may 11a

There is life in and under the water, but should I try to live there, I would not survive. I am a creature of the land, I need air to breathe.

nick may 11b

beauty is everywhere, life is precious, how many hours and days have been squandered by trying to hold on to the past, or…

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Comments on: "The loss" (5)

  1. Oh the weight of grief is viscerally powerful!

  2. A most poignant post

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