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Wednesday 5th

Someone has not had breakfast yet.  What am I doing with all these food photos?  thankfully I can truly say, MOST of these meals were not mine. The stomachs that most of these foods were digested by, were in the States.. =^_^=

In Japan most restaurants, cafes etc. post the dishes they serve outside at the door, so the customer can know what they want to order when they come in.

I am already contemplating dinner/lunch out. HINT bitmoji-20190415064912

PL calendar day 5    Start by thinking  “this is interesting”

Even when you are dealing with a “difficult” situation, it is important to find something interesting about it.  From there you will be blessed with wisdom and something new will come out of it



photo credits m&n  except for Q’s



Comments on: "Wednesday 5th" (10)

  1. That is interesting! 😉 Yes, enticing too, starting the salivation. But, I must be selective as many allergies prevent me from indulging in many things. I still like to see the beauty of it all though. 🙂

    • hey, I hear you… I am diabetic, I can only look at some of that from a far. I love my friends tho’ they know their restaurant fare…

  2. Actually, in Europe they have the same style – all menu on the front door. It is convenient.

    • oh that is interesting, is it all in pictures too?

      • In tourist places yes. For example in Barcelona in the tapas bars the placemats are the picture menu. Every single tapas has description under the picture.

    • that is good to know, when food is unfamiliar that would help a lot – thank you!!

      • Another thing is important, you cannot know all the languages. The pictures help a lot. Mostly in Europe in any country people speak English, unfortunately, in Spain, Portugal, France you can have problems. This is why in these countries to fix the problem go directly to young person, most of them speak English.

  3. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Getting food at a restaurant outside the US can be a learning experience. In Japan I used to try to memorize the characters before I went in and then find them on the menu. But at least once I had to get the waitress to come outside so I could point. We both laughed.

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