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Thursday doors

Thursday doors, today the flavour is from Perth, Ontario.  A quiet, picturesque little town about an hours drive from Ottawa.

PL calendar day 6    Past,, present or future, always remember to be sincere and honest.  At any time, the place where you  are standing at that moment is the stage upon which you must express yourself.  At each moment in time there is sure to be a way to express yourself in relation your your position or status.



Comments on: "Thursday doors" (9)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Interesting. Today’s doors look ‘newer’, ‘brighter’. Or maybe it’s my weather is more summer like and I project that to your pictures. Either way, they are interesting as usual.

  2. I’d like to sit at one of the tables in the first photo. I think my favorite shot is the one with the barrel as a planter, even though there’s no door. 😉 Looks like an interesting little town.


    • Janet that is a hidden courtyard open to the public, you walk through these old stone buildings and there is this little garden where you can sit and rest. Perth is a sweet little town with a lot to see on a lazy afternoon…

  3. A good set and excellent philosophy

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