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chop suey Friday

Sticks and stones, rocks, brick, lumber, everything in life, is canvas ready.  each day a new beginning. Art is everywhere.  To each his/her own…..  creativity begins within.

I remember when I began landscaping in earnest, I would pick up driftwood, rocks cast off metal objects, an empty lot was a huge canvas .. one that would grow and give me a new “view” every season and year.

PL Precept #1  – life is art

Make every day count.  Share your beautiful/handsome smile today, Life is good!!



Comments on: "chop suey Friday" (7)

  1. Beautifully done

  2. Art is truly everywhere. Thanks for the pictorial reminder. Today I stopped the bulldozers from ripping up a sagebrush area in order to save nesting sagebrush sparrows and mourning doves. It’s a good feeling. Unfortunately, it’s just a temporary stay for the shrubs.

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