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Sunny Saturday

blogged june 8

torn from a journal page

a memory from another day

I sit wondering

just where my thoughts lay

on that other day so far away

where eyes that seem to drown in  sadness

were what spoke to me

while I was pondering

that day is long gone

I have long moved on

still, that was me,

at that time and place

I like it, but thankfully, today is another day

I am headed out to explore what comes my way

YOU are in my heart

today and always



acceptance and appreciation


Comments on: "Sunny Saturday" (8)

  1. Today IS another day. I hope it’s a great one. Cheers!

    • it is it is, thank you for dropping in this a.m. hope you will click away during the day! xxo

      • I wa up early and making photos at the coast. You’ll probably start to see those next week. Or if you want a peak, check out the link to Flickr on my page. Cheers!

  2. Lovely. Each day brings it’s own beauty that we must realize, letting go of the past. 💖:-)

  3. Your poem made me feel sorrow and hope, a peculiar mix. Your writing is truly beautiful.

  4. May you continue to recover

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