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Thursday doors

door pewter 1

Door lovers, I cannot tell you the joy I felt when I looked into a jewelry case, and saw this  brooch.  Pewter.

I drove food up to the food bank some 30, 40 miles from home.  I always wander around a bit and try to find something that catches my eye in their “boutique” or “home decor etc”…. this time… I felt truly rewarded.  A pewter door, brooch. YaHOOOOO

PL Calendar day 4

Follow your heart while also thinking about the happiness of others.  Always be true to yourself in your words and actions.  Strive to make others happy with a sincere heart.


size about 2.3/4 inches

Comments on: "Thursday doors" (9)

  1. Wow! What a find for a Thursday Door enthusiast. I love it. No wonder you were so anxious to post that one. Well done.

    • I know I had to look twice, then ask to see it… my eyes just couldn’t believe what I was seeing…so unusual…

  2. Oh, my, that’s a wonderful find!!


  3. Ooo, the find of the decade! When we have our door lovers’ meet, we should all be wearing one. 😉 Truly magnificent. ❤

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