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Friday morning


Hearts and Flowers to you today..


PL Perfect Liberty Calendar day 2

Let’s set  higher goals and work to improve ourselves

Lets work towards our goals while keeping a clear vision of what we hope to achieve.  Your strong conviction and Makoto (sincere effort) will hep drive you towards accomplishing what you set out to do.




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  1. Here’s a good Japanese phrase for you: Seishin seii. 誠心誠意 The characters mean “Sincere heart and sincere intent.” usually translated as “wholehearted devotion,” but the meaning is deeper. The word/character ”Sei ” 誠 is repeated twice in the phrase. It is the same character for the word “makoto” you used in your post. Yoroshiku

    • love this, thank you for sharing with me. My one sorrow about my visits to Japan was that I cannot speak or understand the language, I would have loved to have partaken in conversations where I would learn such info, as you have shared, thank you again.

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