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Gppd <prmomg

Good Morning

Greetings early on the 17th. Complete typo of the heading. Thought why not. I’m sure my clever readers will all have experienced such a moment. After all we all live with our keyboards attached to the end of our fingers. At some time or another, we all have typed such wonders.

Dropping in to say Good Morning. I am headed out on a road drive. I prepared last night, but somehow, not starting my day with you.. well, just seems “un-natural”

Good Morning to each and every one of you, or Good Day/Evening which ever it is for you when you read this. May the good vibes find you wherever you are.. and shower you with friendship and loving sparkling joyful “kisses” Yeah I fell out of the bed on the happy happy side this morning. =^_^=



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    • lol.. beautiful….what is Japan like in October.? weather wise.Osaka area?

      • October should be nice. Kyoto hotels will be hard to get if that is your intention. The corona virus has the potential to really create a mess. I would not make any plans for Asia for the next year I could not afford to change. Stan

  1. likely wise. we have a church conference in October it is an hour from Osaka depending on the route. thanks had not thought of your “advice”

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