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Thursday Doors

Enjoy the moment while you wait. Things come about when they are meant to happen. think of what you can do for the time being, and don’t rush the outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020.10


Comments on: "Thursday Doors" (21)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Nice selection of pictures. I appreciate the time you take to make our days better.

  2. A fun and colorful collection of doors!

  3. Very cool doors! I want to visit the Jasper General Store and buy a coke from an old red Coke machine with a bottle opener bolted to the front door!

  4. Definitely some cool doors here.

  5. I like the way you set up that first batch of shots and I love the red truck!


  6. Great collection!

  7. Wonderfully varied selection!

  8. Lots of original thought has gone into these.

  9. Lots of interesting things to see in those photos.

  10. An interesting collage at the start and I enjoyed the fancy cars very much!

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