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No celebration, for I’ve landed in a far away land

Were life is stark, skies are fire and brimstone

the world I knew, has gone

betrayed by lies, greed, aggression and wars

where once I heard songs and cries of love and pride

where man stood side by side

exploring and discovering with gladness and expectations

for a brand new life, in unexplored lands

Flags flew proudly across the skies

Children learned of the history of the land

the many lives, lost for one cause or another,

BUT it was through hardships that we grew strong and free

Cultures came together – differences were worked out

we were proud and we knew God, we knew love,

we respected and knew gratitude, we knelt on Sundays, we prayed.

Somewhere, dignity and self respect got lost along the way

Oh, nature still abounds, even in shell shocked countries

Where children live amongst the horrors of war

They awake to the sound of gunfire, they sleep under battle torn roofs

True, in North America our skies are still blue

and in gardens, the roses still bloom

But peace is no longer sown across the land

These are my thoughts .. mine alone… they are simply the musings

of my worn and weary mind.

Do I want to wear the happy colours of celebration..

Is sincerity of heart, body and mind, also a thing of the past.

Are words like tenderness gone, is genuine caring (actions without hidden reasons) a history.. oh wait.. in todays world, if we don’t like or don’t understand something, we shoot it, burn it down, or bury it.


I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but honesty with you, is what and who I am.

Celebrate the day, celebrate family. tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Sometimes we get distracted by the big headlines, and we wonder why people don’t change overnight. We forget to take an honest look back and remember. People ARE doing good for others. Delivering food, making masks, starting honest discussions. Unfortunately, those activities don’t make good headlines.

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