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silent prayer

unwanted – discarded

With the sunlight shining, bringing hope of a new season

I am being discarded, left defenseless to fend on my own

I did my best to serve as best I could

my trim, my beautiful scrolled design, so loved at one time

is now, no longer enjoyed or even seen

if only this was a dream

I can only hope, someone will rescue me

I’ve done my best – that is all I could or can do

for now I must stand alone – leave my fate up to you

a silent prayer I offer with all my heart

that what ever will be, will be what is best for me

for there are others out there, that are physically alone

but know, that with God we are ONE.


whatever our destiny – we know – we did our best.

Thursday doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together and share.. for more doors visit https://nofacilities.com/2021/03/25/official-waterbury-thursday-doors/

Comments on: "silent prayer" (14)

  1. Your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us for Thursday Doors.

  2. Junie-Jesh said:

    What a sad, but poignant poem with your discarded doors! Jesh

  3. Beautiful lines!!

  4. The skies in these are amazing! Nice post.


  5. The skies in these are amazing! Nice post.


  6. Lovely words and lovely photos at the end of the post. Happy Friday!


    • good morning Janet…here we are at the start of another week-end… where does the time go? Spring must be in full swing where you are… Enjoy!

  7. Such a pity for those doors, but your words are beaytiful!

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