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When I first visited Beaver Trail, I had no idea what it was like or what I’d find there. It was very early spring when I actually got out of the car and walked into the area. Previously I had only been in the parking lot. Maybe a couple of times, I’d gone in to snap a picture at the entrance, but I had not been tempted to go beyond the parking lot. Then late winter, early spring, I rediscovered the place.. and actually went in to explore. It was still very early, there was no snow that I recall, but the ground was still wet, and for sure there was no new growth.

Today was a different story. Lots of growth, and I need not go into detail, but you know the whole place was buzzing with insect activity.

There are two trails, one is called Beaver trail, and the other pathway (trail) is called Chipmunk trail. I didn’t get to do all the pathways (trails) but I did manage to put in almost the same number of steps as when I do the bog at Mer Bleue.

For those of you who live in Ontario, the rules have changed somewhat. In my area, the stay home order was lifted. Not that it made much of a difference, nothing else was opened or relaxed.

OK.. my door for Thursday doors.. is one that I felt tells a story of its own. It also reflects how in some ways, it represents our current state of “living during the pandemic”.

shut- locked – not welcoming at all, but I’m sure very efficient.

For more doors, please visit Dan’s site.. No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/06/03/springfield-rc-cathedral/

one door closes – another opens

Comments on: "when it is all new to you" (10)

  1. Your pictures are beautiful, and that door does seem to be a good image for much of the pandemic.

    • good morning Dan, thank you for your kind words, there are days when being out in the woods is a necessary balm for the weariness of the day to day forced isolation that politics, confusion and news media have painted the world we exist in. Nature is ever evolving and present, Thank YOU for being YOU.

  2. Junie-Jesh said:

    It is a good view of the ugly lockdowns1 But am not so sure if it was really effective, because alcohol addiction rose, and suicides as well.Also, Sweden had no lockdowns at all, and they had no spikes in deaths! Also, the after effects of the pandemics are ugly. People are now fearful with any little bump in the road. Great captures! Jesh

    • Thank you! I agree with you. The deaths /suicides are not being talked about.. except by the health care workers who have been dealing with the anxieties, the fears, and the complete break down of programs, that just couldn’t or can’t survive all the restrictions and on and on I could go, but to what end. sends you a virtual hug my friend. stay safe, be well.

  3. I like it that this metal gate has a friend – the small shrub growing by its side 🙂

  4. I agree on your door thoughts. Definitive of a lockdown.

    • Hi there… I hesitated, but in the end I used it.. there are times, the frustration peeps through.
      waves a happy greeting your way…

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