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Thursday Doors 11.

An early morning stroll through a sleepy little town, along the river banks on the Quebec side of the river.

For more Thursday Doors please visit Dan’s No Facilities Site… https://nofacilities.com/2022/04/14/entering-silk-city/

Think of the timing before you say…. “but…” When stating your opinion, make sure you are being respectful of others’ opinions. Be mindful of this when you speak.

Perfect Liberty 2022.14

Have a wonderful day everyone.. Enjoy the long week-end ahead.

Till Soon

Comments on: "Thursday Doors 11." (5)

  1. These are delightful doors. Sleepy towns and along the river are wonderful places to walk.

  2. I love these small communities

  3. My favorite is the one on the top right–the whole building.


  4. Some good doors there. I love the café shopfront

  5. I really like that log cabin. Nice post!


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