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noticing now

I woke with too many thoughts running through my head. So much so, I wanted to turn over and pull the covers up over my head. Then I remembered that today was the 21st. and a day for giving thanks for the blessings in my life. Followed by that thought came the reminder that my late husband’s birthday is this week-end.

These doors are on campus in Japan (PL headquarters Foreign Student building). We would roll out the futons at night to sleep, and then roll them back up during the day.

I think I may have a fuddled day. My thoughts seem to be drifting from one place to another. This next picture was in Quebec. (top picture too)

Maybe I will just stay where ever my day takes me… and say thank you for whatever comes my way.

Thank you thank you thank you… Let’s live with gratitude towards everyone and everything all day today.

Perfect Liberty 2022.
door in Japan taken last week by HT

Sorry folks, I’ll just say thank you.. and log off.. the grey cells are just not wanting to activate. As I continue on with my day, I’ll remember that every moment is an opportunity to practice (mindfulness) and be aware that – this too shall pass….

Comments on: "noticing now" (7)

  1. You bounced around a bit, but the photos are great, and that last door is amazing (as is the structure in Quebec). I hope you have a good day and an easy weekend.

  2. Sending you a hug. Sometimes life can be surreal…disorientating even. I have times my head is “full” too and I just talk to God about it.

  3. Those days happen. Hugs and waves! 🤗

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