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run, run, hide…. my brain wouldn’t stop chattering… life has been busy, and I’ve had unexpected “situations” to deal with. When I thought of the Thursday Door feature, I thought.. “just me find one open door that I can run through and escape….” Of course all the pictures I’ve collected over time show doors that are closed or are completely missing.

As I lay thinking, trying to keep my mind from dwelling on the fact that my precious Keeper is not well, (whippet) … that there is animosity and family discord happening around me, an 8 year old legal dispute between siblings is rearing its head again… the day/night was a tad over whelming. In my earlier blog, you saw I wrote about “letting go and letting God” … to preserve my own sanity I turned to prayer. Prayer/meditation is like a balm …

Each door in the above photos will take me into and towards another “destination”.. each has its own ambience and flavour. Each door would lead to a different kind of “adventure. Each would transport me to a different place and time.

Reality. my moment is now…. an dmy Precious Keeper is showing signs of improvement this morning, but in the wee hours when I got up to take her out, she was staggering and very weak. I began to give her small amounts of Japanese Green tea, I have read about and known about the healing benefits of tea for a long time.. I’m just not a tea drinker.. fortunately I had some in the cupboard.

She liked it… she actually opened up to allow me to insert the syringe so that the tea would go in easily. In a bit I added a turkey broth with tumeric. (made especially for dogs, but of human grade) We even spent a bit of time outside while she did a bit of sniffing and walking (not a lot, but we did get to exercise the leg a bit)

I often talk about how doors play such an important role in our lives.. as we evolve in life, we are constantly going through one door or another into a new “chapter” in our lives. Today I am asking you, to send positive energy this way… the healing process will be gradual and I will appreciate knowing that there will be an abundance of love/caring energy for me to “lean ” on IF and should I need it.

For more doors .. please visit Dan’s No Facilities site. https://nofacilities.com/2023/05/11/simsbury-et-al/

Comments on: "a door" (6)

  1. Blessings and good thoughts headed your way! ❤

  2. I will hold a good thought for your companion. It sounds like you are taking good care of her. I hope that love and care are rewarded. Your doors are beautiful, especially the corner door on the floral house. I love that!

  3. Thank you Dan! happy week-end.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Anita

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