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today’s lessons

hawksbury ice

This is what ice and cold can do to a perfectly good wharf over a winter season.  In my journey west of the city yesterday, the ice and snow was gone.  Today my travels were taking me towards Montreal, on the old hwy.  After a stop for some supplies in the town of Alfred (famous for its fries, and small bakery) we decided to return home via Hawksbury.  Already as we had been making our way east, we saw how there was still snow in the fields.


It had been such a mild day yesterday, with the sun so bright today, I was ill prepared for how cold it was by the water. Like duh… look at the ice, it is still in chunks and plenty of it. Never-the-less I had a great day, the dogs got to walk in new territory, I got to browse and peruse two floors of supplies for my card making.  I decided to try the Motorola cell phone to take some of the pictures, I usually use my all-purpose iPhone when wandering.


Thought I’d do a colour and clarity test.  I had been very happy with the Motorola till I went back to using my iPhone for my one and only means of communication (phone/cell) we did away with our land line.


Sometimes, the mind just wants to try something different, and needs to experiment and be creative.  One of my “lessons” in life is to try to be less lazy.  Yes I said lazy.  I was going to bring my “wellies” but didn’t because it would have meant going back in the house and carrying them out to the car.  that meant, when I wanted to get a good picture of the above tractor, I had to stay in the truck because the ground around was simply too muddy and wet for my “expensive dress shoes”  You might as well get the tissue box out, there is more.


There was some wonderful old wall paper (cornflowers) in the old house.  The door was wide open, I could see inside.  Because I didn’t have the proper footwear, I had to stay on the road, for this picture.  So I can only tell you how pretty it was, even stained and aged.  It sent my mind into story telling mode, I wanted to write about what it must have been like living in the old house when it was young and vibrant.  We drove on with the passing miles so did the mood.  I was looking forward to seeing the pictures that I did get.



There are repercussions to actions we take or don’t make time for.  Here is how it goes, I took great pictures with the Motorola, when we got home I was keen to see them, they looked great. BUT when I came to send them to the computer (desktop) they wouldn’t load.  I tried to hook the cell phone up to the hard drive, so that I could copy the files from the phone to my PC, that wouldn’t work either, I kept getting an empty message.

Grrrr I had in mind what I wanted to write about and the pictures I wanted to use.  This is where PL Precept # 4 Being Annoyed limits your Expression..  comes in mighty handy.  I spent a long time, trying everything I could think of, I realized that to move the pictures I might have to figure out how to resize the pictures, one by one.  Then I thought to send them to my Flickr page, but that didn’t work because for some reason, I couldn’t log in.

I got out the Pl Principles and looked for positive support, PL Principle #1 is I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto (sincerity) into all I say and do.  Right away, I knew that I had not been applying that to my actions during the day.  I was enjoying myself yes, but I did things without thinking through or considering the consequences. PL Principle #8. I will not have a mind to be greedy.  and yes, I was wanting to do this, this and this.. I was not taking time to appreciate what I was doing I was just reacting to my “wants”.

PL Principle # 3   I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

Like the frozen ice, and the effects it had on the material objects around it, when it froze, thawed, and froze up again, nothing stayed the same, with each change the water/ice/snow went through, there was a change to the inanimate objects around and on it.

Siberia, Russia

I did get some of the pictures, but others are lost to me at the moment, this last picture was taken in Siberia (photographer unknown) I think my mind spent some time astral traveling today, it was a good day, a lot of exciting moments, and for sure some good lessons for me to consider and work on.

One of the reasons I love life so much, is that everyday is a new beginning.  Having wonderful friends, and an ongoing communication with God, means that the blessings are always there, we need only recognize them, appreciate them and grow in LOVE.

Namaste        –       Oyashikiri

PL Precept #11  Always be with God

first sentence in PL Principle # 14

I will not have a mind to be lazy

last picture is from Pinterest

others are my own


good morning everyone?

good morning everyone?

Are you snug and warm?
Today is going to be very cold…

Dec. 31_004

Is the partying all done?  You ready now to hit the slops and exercise?

Dec. 16 Mount Waffle_001

The turkey has been eaten, the desserts have been happily devoured … now you know its time to decide.


Which road to take.  It is a brand new year, let’s set higher goals and work to improve ourselves.  The Joy of Expression is in the Process. When each day is a new canvas, goals are much easier to attain. 

text flowers au

The flowers of summer bloom forever in our hearts.  Love is a constant in our lives, always and forever.  Blessings now and always – Oyashikiri


50 shades of cold

50 shades of cold

You don’t only feel the cold, we can see it transforming the landscape around us. Saying STOP,is like whispering into the wind. In conversation with my sister we talked of aging, and of course being that it was my sister, I was musing out loud about the challenges of the last few weeks and heard myself say that if aging was about taking medications, being unwell and consistently challenged, well I was not, repeat NOT happy about it all.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 011Then this morning, I looked out my window at my friends who were patiently waiting for the snow to come.  The yard has been tidied and ready for the winter weather that we get here in this part of Canada.  Paths have been cleared, plants/shrubs cut back so that the dogs will have room to navigate when they go out for their exercise and fun in the snow.   Canaille loves to run through the fresh snow and chase after her ball.  Velcro (whippet) well that is a different story, he is in and out in record breaking time.  But being a whippet, he has to burn off energy, so he follows the track Canaille has made and runs at break neck speed over the trail.   Thus we clear it of  objects that can obstruct.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 014I noticed that one of the garden fairies has put herself in a lying position, she is using a rock to cushion and protect her from the blanket of snow that will soon cover her and keep her safe from the bitter winter winds.  As I sit and survey my private garden, much like Canaille does when we are just sitting watching the world go by,  I realize that when the summer growth is abundant, many of the “little people” are not visible to the eye.  They are there, they just are not seen, but their presence never-the-less is still felt, all who come to the garden feel the “calm” they infuse into the setting.

Now with the greenery gone, they are laid bare.  Today, I spent time with each and everyone of them, renewing my connection and feeling the bond that we share, for at one time I placed them there,  Unlike me, they can’t come in out of the cold, they accept and patiently wait out the changing seasons.  Every year, the time and weather takes its toll.  Like me they are growing old.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 043Smile the “old man” says, smile when you feel sad, he is always smiling, I love him, seeing him today, made me realize that my challenge today will be to pray that I will have the inner strength  to endure patiently (like my garden friends)  the changing seasons.  Soon the snow will come, and I too will be embraced in magic of the falling snowflakes.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 030A step at a time we find our way home.  This little kitten was tossed into a heap of broken and unwanted concrete  at a shop where only the perfect pieces were wanted for display .. she was not content to stay buried in the rubble,  where she was tossed, she found her way to where she could be seen, =^_^= that’s right, I found her, and now she has a home here with me.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 025My garden brings me joy in all of its incarnations.

I took time today to reconnect….if you feel my sadness … don’t worry, it will pass… I’ve learned in life, not to suppress emotion, for to know sadness it to have known great joy and happiness.   The Universe is is simply giving me “space” “time” to appreciate my realities.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 032

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