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Remember when we could talk on the phone for hours on end, the receiver held to our ear while we tried to find a comfortable position on a hard chair, bench or wherever we could find a space to have some privacy.  Maybe some of you won’t remember those days, but I do.  Today life is so different, people have personal conversations everywhere, and seem oblivious to the fact that someone, likely a total stranger is within hearing range. Some conversations, and language could be X rated and some.


At the airport during my trip, I had long waits, and would try to find a quiet place to simply rest, read, whatever to I could do to distract myself over the many hours.. there is only so much run way activity you can watch.  What I found most interesting was the very loud and often angry voices that would erupt from the most unexpected sources.  Other passengers would try to avert their eyes, but it was hard not to hear the verbal abuse someone was getting.


For the travel weary, an airport is not a warm and fuzzy place, nor does it have “comfort zones”  For the most part, I found people I had to deal with were friendly, courteous and more than willing to lend a helping hand, or engage in social conversation.  it was people on their cell phones that were simply in their own “room”… and they didn’t hold back.

With the old phones, we could walk over and pull the plug… well ok, I wouldn’t do that… but people would be in a phone booth, or talking on phones attached to a wall, not wandering and screaming into their phones where-ever they were going, sitting or happened to be. Washrooms included.


I found myself wondering how sound proof an elevator would be.   That said, just try to take my techie stuff away from me… Just try.  Going back to an IBM electric would not be my idea of fun…

Happy start to a new week everyone. I’m over my little rant, it wasn’t all that bad. I tuned it out.  I just focused on getting back home as quickly as I could.. and now I’m back…=^_^=

Namaste       Oyashikiri

Pl Precept # 16  All things progress and develop.


today’s lessons

hawksbury ice

This is what ice and cold can do to a perfectly good wharf over a winter season.  In my journey west of the city yesterday, the ice and snow was gone.  Today my travels were taking me towards Montreal, on the old hwy.  After a stop for some supplies in the town of Alfred (famous for its fries, and small bakery) we decided to return home via Hawksbury.  Already as we had been making our way east, we saw how there was still snow in the fields.


It had been such a mild day yesterday, with the sun so bright today, I was ill prepared for how cold it was by the water. Like duh… look at the ice, it is still in chunks and plenty of it. Never-the-less I had a great day, the dogs got to walk in new territory, I got to browse and peruse two floors of supplies for my card making.  I decided to try the Motorola cell phone to take some of the pictures, I usually use my all-purpose iPhone when wandering.


Thought I’d do a colour and clarity test.  I had been very happy with the Motorola till I went back to using my iPhone for my one and only means of communication (phone/cell) we did away with our land line.


Sometimes, the mind just wants to try something different, and needs to experiment and be creative.  One of my “lessons” in life is to try to be less lazy.  Yes I said lazy.  I was going to bring my “wellies” but didn’t because it would have meant going back in the house and carrying them out to the car.  that meant, when I wanted to get a good picture of the above tractor, I had to stay in the truck because the ground around was simply too muddy and wet for my “expensive dress shoes”  You might as well get the tissue box out, there is more.


There was some wonderful old wall paper (cornflowers) in the old house.  The door was wide open, I could see inside.  Because I didn’t have the proper footwear, I had to stay on the road, for this picture.  So I can only tell you how pretty it was, even stained and aged.  It sent my mind into story telling mode, I wanted to write about what it must have been like living in the old house when it was young and vibrant.  We drove on with the passing miles so did the mood.  I was looking forward to seeing the pictures that I did get.



There are repercussions to actions we take or don’t make time for.  Here is how it goes, I took great pictures with the Motorola, when we got home I was keen to see them, they looked great. BUT when I came to send them to the computer (desktop) they wouldn’t load.  I tried to hook the cell phone up to the hard drive, so that I could copy the files from the phone to my PC, that wouldn’t work either, I kept getting an empty message.

Grrrr I had in mind what I wanted to write about and the pictures I wanted to use.  This is where PL Precept # 4 Being Annoyed limits your Expression..  comes in mighty handy.  I spent a long time, trying everything I could think of, I realized that to move the pictures I might have to figure out how to resize the pictures, one by one.  Then I thought to send them to my Flickr page, but that didn’t work because for some reason, I couldn’t log in.

I got out the Pl Principles and looked for positive support, PL Principle #1 is I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto (sincerity) into all I say and do.  Right away, I knew that I had not been applying that to my actions during the day.  I was enjoying myself yes, but I did things without thinking through or considering the consequences. PL Principle #8. I will not have a mind to be greedy.  and yes, I was wanting to do this, this and this.. I was not taking time to appreciate what I was doing I was just reacting to my “wants”.

PL Principle # 3   I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

Like the frozen ice, and the effects it had on the material objects around it, when it froze, thawed, and froze up again, nothing stayed the same, with each change the water/ice/snow went through, there was a change to the inanimate objects around and on it.

Siberia, Russia

I did get some of the pictures, but others are lost to me at the moment, this last picture was taken in Siberia (photographer unknown) I think my mind spent some time astral traveling today, it was a good day, a lot of exciting moments, and for sure some good lessons for me to consider and work on.

One of the reasons I love life so much, is that everyday is a new beginning.  Having wonderful friends, and an ongoing communication with God, means that the blessings are always there, we need only recognize them, appreciate them and grow in LOVE.

Namaste        –       Oyashikiri

PL Precept #11  Always be with God

first sentence in PL Principle # 14

I will not have a mind to be lazy

last picture is from Pinterest

others are my own

hello? hallo? Bonjour?

There was a time when we could not get away from the phone unless we left the house, the insistent noise it would make would drive one crazy.  Today, things have improved, we have the ability to turn down the sound, turn it off, or put lines on hold. With cells phones, we can put them on vibrate, or turn them off completely.

phone vintage


These are options today, but from the research I’ve done, asking friends and even strangers if they ever turn off their phones, the answer is no.  Even at work in meetings, out on dates, in theaters their phones are on vibrate, so that they can know if a call comes in, and as soon as they can, they check it out.  I was even surprised to learn that in families with children, almost every child has his/her own phone.

phone, shower

OK this is not a working phone, it is what is called an “off the hook” telephone shower head.  I’m told it is very popular, what is this fascination with being always connected to a telephone, cell phone or otherwise,  It has become such a problem in North America that statistics show that more deaths are caused by people unwilling to disconnect from their phones while driving, that the death toll is raising. Distracted accidents and deaths are said to outnumber the causes of accidents/ death due to driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Wow. HELLO ???????

phone off the hook

Can you unplug for a day, can you take time for you without being chained/tied to the demands/wants of the world around you?? We have choices, remember, “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal”  We all need time on our own, quiet time, re-energizing time, make time please, self-love, taking care of  you and your health, is something only you can do.,

grave - Dennis Hopper

Namaste    –    Oyashikiri



humble grave site is the final resting place of actor Dennis Hopper who asked to be buried in  the Native American style burial mound. Jesus Nazareno Cemetery in New Mexico.

a new season will soon be here…


The warm fuzzy glow of a warm house, frost on the windows, air that is crisp and clear. Hmm not everyone smiles dreamily at the thought of the coming of winter, but I do.  There is something to be said about “nesting”.  Like a squirrel gathering nuts before the snow comes, I get in supplies like I think that it is the late 1800’s or early 1900’s and we need to be prepared.


Winter weather has been rather erratic of late, wow, places that seldom saw snow  have been hit with blizzards, crops in the southern states have had some brutal storms come their way.  All over the world, winter comes and changes where we live, and we have to adjust.



Before the days of instant news, and social media, we simply dealt with what came along. It might not have always been fun, or easy, but we took measures to  do our best to cope with the power outages, furnace malfunctions, delayed  transportation etc.  Now with “instant fixes, and gratification” it seems that there is more of a “panic” mode that sets in. OMG the cell phone is not working, or the TV  signal is all askew.


Arggghhh my PC is down.  Honeeeeee the internet is not working,  anguish at its best.  LOL been there done that.  Remember the days of trying to read by candle till the lights came back on.  How about the wind up radio, so you can hear the news should there be an announcement of when the power lines will be up again.


Winter is a special time, a time for spiritual rebirth, for reconnecting with the inner YOU.  A time where we can enjoy seeing the world new and fresh,  We are all unique and different in our own way, personalities and lifestyles vary.  One thing we all share is the gift of life and LOVE.

Let us do our best to see the positive in our lives, and to appreciate and show appreciation to those who share in our world. Whether close or far, reach out and say  hello, show you care.

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

*** Scotland

other pictures gathered from Pinterest


While change is the only constant in life,I still can’t seem to easily adjust to the new modes of communication..  Picked up the new Samsung Galaxy tablet today determined that I should take another step forward in the world of technology. Merchants have their hands out, and have come up with a lot of different ways to try to encourage the client to part  with extra dollars.  The gadget is listed at X$ but then there is a cost for this, and a suggested plan for that.. by the time they list all the extras, the dollar figure you started with has somehow almost doubled.  One has to be firm, in what one will and will not buy.

I can’t get over how many people I see with a phone stuck to their ear as they walk along the street, wait for a bus, even in the shops, people are on their cell phones.  Myself, I can go days without using the phone. hmmm, wonder what the attraction was for the tablet?

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