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Remember when we could talk on the phone for hours on end, the receiver held to our ear while we tried to find a comfortable position on a hard chair, bench or wherever we could find a space to have some privacy.  Maybe some of you won’t remember those days, but I do.  Today life is so different, people have personal conversations everywhere, and seem oblivious to the fact that someone, likely a total stranger is within hearing range. Some conversations, and language could be X rated and some.


At the airport during my trip, I had long waits, and would try to find a quiet place to simply rest, read, whatever to I could do to distract myself over the many hours.. there is only so much run way activity you can watch.  What I found most interesting was the very loud and often angry voices that would erupt from the most unexpected sources.  Other passengers would try to avert their eyes, but it was hard not to hear the verbal abuse someone was getting.


For the travel weary, an airport is not a warm and fuzzy place, nor does it have “comfort zones”  For the most part, I found people I had to deal with were friendly, courteous and more than willing to lend a helping hand, or engage in social conversation.  it was people on their cell phones that were simply in their own “room”… and they didn’t hold back.

With the old phones, we could walk over and pull the plug… well ok, I wouldn’t do that… but people would be in a phone booth, or talking on phones attached to a wall, not wandering and screaming into their phones where-ever they were going, sitting or happened to be. Washrooms included.


I found myself wondering how sound proof an elevator would be.   That said, just try to take my techie stuff away from me… Just try.  Going back to an IBM electric would not be my idea of fun…

Happy start to a new week everyone. I’m over my little rant, it wasn’t all that bad. I tuned it out.  I just focused on getting back home as quickly as I could.. and now I’m back…=^_^=

Namaste       Oyashikiri

Pl Precept # 16  All things progress and develop.


Comments on: "new technology" (9)

  1. oh wow – the video reminded me of a similar model I had back in 1988-

  2. but mine was black – and a little newer

    and whew – I hate killing time at the airport –

  3. I remember that typewriter! Still have one in the garage for the personal “museum”. 🙂

  4. Zahid Ameen said:

    nice written, probably everyone is involved in technology, see my page: https://technewspoint.wordpress.com

  5. I hate the loud airport phone calls :(!!!!!

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