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hello? hallo? Bonjour?

There was a time when we could not get away from the phone unless we left the house, the insistent noise it would make would drive one crazy.  Today, things have improved, we have the ability to turn down the sound, turn it off, or put lines on hold. With cells phones, we can put them on vibrate, or turn them off completely.

phone vintage


These are options today, but from the research I’ve done, asking friends and even strangers if they ever turn off their phones, the answer is no.  Even at work in meetings, out on dates, in theaters their phones are on vibrate, so that they can know if a call comes in, and as soon as they can, they check it out.  I was even surprised to learn that in families with children, almost every child has his/her own phone.

phone, shower

OK this is not a working phone, it is what is called an “off the hook” telephone shower head.  I’m told it is very popular, what is this fascination with being always connected to a telephone, cell phone or otherwise,  It has become such a problem in North America that statistics show that more deaths are caused by people unwilling to disconnect from their phones while driving, that the death toll is raising. Distracted accidents and deaths are said to outnumber the causes of accidents/ death due to driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Wow. HELLO ???????

phone off the hook

Can you unplug for a day, can you take time for you without being chained/tied to the demands/wants of the world around you?? We have choices, remember, “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal”  We all need time on our own, quiet time, re-energizing time, make time please, self-love, taking care of  you and your health, is something only you can do.,

grave - Dennis Hopper

Namaste    –    Oyashikiri



humble grave site is the final resting place of actor Dennis Hopper who asked to be buried in  the Native American style burial mound. Jesus Nazareno Cemetery in New Mexico.

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  1. Hmm…Just because a phone rings, doesn’t mean you have to answer it…of this I’m quite sure…

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