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praying together


I happened to arrive at church today as the people in residence were about to gather in prayer to start the day.  Being there I joined in.  It is a prayer that is said daily, and not new to me, yet, standing there with the ministers and family members, I felt a rush of joy at being there, sharing in the morning prayer.

4efef7f7e3503cced3dad81b5a0c3e65In prayer we are all connected. The bond grows stronger.


 close your eyes and reverently pray

that today, you will keep the connection

with the Universe/God 

in all you say and do.

no more, no less

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri



domingo, bom dia


Waking to another day, yawns and stretches

looks out the window, nice, sunshine

still …. don’t know if I’ve finished with the dream

the bed was sooo cosy, familiar moment =^_^=

bem vindo – welcome to another day

Precept #1 … life is art…

We have a whole new day to spend in our own special way

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetIf I was by the lake,

it would be great to sit outside for morning prayers

the morning light shimmering over the water,

the birds singing in the trees

the canoe would beckon and I would want to

drift slowly out into the calm

and from the canoe close my eyes

to feel the morning dew, and let my thoughts

and happiness drift up to you.

You are with me everywhere

I know, I really truly do,

so I’ll head over to church and share this morning’s

prayer with you, with my friends in our community who share my love for you.  With anticipation, I look forward

to the dedicated service that we have that allows us to pray together, each and every voice blending in unison

expanding our happiness in being ONE with you.


” estava triste

I was unhappy

Adei, andei

I sought, I sought

Agora estou

Now I know

vivo semper a sorrir

I always live with a smile”  (excepts from Come Quem Contar) (Who to Trust)

God is love, Love is God

We are ONE

Namaste    –    Oyashikiri

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It’s Thursday – WOW

It's Thursday - WOW

Almost through another work week, Whether its to the beach,or to the office, have some fun time today. Do a little Be Bop, sing some ” Run around Sue”, even “Shuffle off to Buffalo”, bellow out some “YMCA”, or hey better still, share a giggle with a friend. Guys, the morning cuppa will be full of cheers… I’m off to morning prayers to wrap you all in a warm loving hug before I head to the gym.

BLESSINGS everyone!

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