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witches brew

4-years-agoOH my, look at you

what on earth have you gotten into

certainly the month of October

brings out the devilish urge

to prance and dance

in outlandish attire

in full view

hippo-me-years-agobut really, do you remember

the hippo you?

that was years ago.

when all you knew was being a Tiny

in a world of fantasy and creativity

q-having-fun-jpgoh dear… oh dear

where are your clothes

a fine witches brew

you’ve gotten into

it isn’t even Hallow’s Eve

9-28-13_008quick into the pumpkin

hide behind the pumpkin’s silly grin

what are we to do

when the full moon

comes into view

dear oh dear

I do believe we have a case

of October-itice

10-30-14_002there are times

we can be anything we want to be

October is the month to play

to dabble

in a witches brew

come join Q

we wait for YOU



coming to a store near you..


PL Precept #1   Life is Art

have fun, explore allow your creativity to flow

if you visit virtual worlds, you have lots of room to play.

where ever you are.  be present in the moment

and enjoy being YOU

Rules – Good morning everyone!

!cid_1_2553387078@web160902_mail_bf1_yahooLook at the dog’s eyes, I can almost hear him/her asking his mistress “really, did I sign up for this”, this is what you want me to do?”  Meanwhile the little cuddly friend is happily drinking from the bottle and thinking only of how yummy, delicious it is. This is a wonderful picture. I send an enormous thank you to  the artist that put the energy and creativity into bringing it to us.  It brought a smile to my day and for sure, to millions of others who saw and delighted in the composition.  Before social media, we were still able to come up with such clever ideas, and take pictures to show our friends and family  But we couldn’t share like we do today, we didn’t have the tools to allow total strangers all over the world to share in our creative moment.

Yes we still had artistic expression, we still lived our lives moment by moment, we did our chores, played, worked and played some more, but the element of having our creativity, thoughts,dreams and expressions on display for all to see…  well …. that was unknown.  Until…. someone somewhere broke a rule, or stepped outside a box  and brought new potential and far reaching ideas into tangible possibilities. There is a joy in being creative.  Every day I see friends who live miles and sometimes continents apart sharing their day and thoughts with friends they’ve met in virtual worlds, on Facebook, in games.. and it is not just inane chatter, often is is meaningful, supportive and caring.

While we live in a world where there is a framework of laws, morals and rules to follow, the keyword here is framework…. when Divine Spirit is our constant companion and we are always in touch, (connected) love is our motivation,world peace and inner joy our goal, then a rule is a man made what? guideline?………… I know they are needed…………..but…………….


May your day be blessed with love, calm-strength and acceptance –    Blessings be.       Oyashikiri

!cid_ACD1B7C663C245FEB2AC3747AEB0C47A@OwnerHP copy

Otterly beautiful! A “tiny” always brings a smile to your day!

Tiny Wynx avatars  are found in SL (Second Life), allow yourself to explore other dimensions of who you are….?? is that a maybe?



Greet Everyone with a Smile!

Greet Everyone with a Smile!

The basic building block of human relationships is greeting one another. Be the first to greet others cheerfully. A cheerful outlook can be such a “positive” to those around you.
This “otterly” delightful “Tiny” is Muttley, she never failed to bring smiles to those who shared time with her or in her sphere. I tried to find the picture I have of her with a big smile plastered on her face. Couldn’t, but.. did find this one.

Although I have not seen Muttley for awhile now, I will never forget her because of the personality she shared with me whenever we met. She always made me smile. That is a special quality.

In PL, we believe that a positive outlook, can influence the mood of people around you and keep things upbeat.

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment” Oprah Winfrey


photo (4) - Copy

photo – outside library Kemptville – Christianne M


Oh Yeah! – so what!

Oh Yeah! - so what!

Busy busy busy– I am playing host today to a mind that is non stop busy. Doing what you say? Haven’t a clue.
What is a “roo” to do” I want to sew, go to the gym, work on my blog, finish cleaning the fridge, make a replacement mat for next to the burner, package some costume jewelry for the garage sale, prune back the vines that are going crazy in the backyard and you want me to what!!!! Bunnies and eggs month isn’t till next spring!
S T O P …head for a quiet space and sit down and do nothing. That’s right N O T H I N G. now that is better, time to reflect on just what I would like to do in 3 minutes. Not before. First I will do NOTHING.

Works for me, by the time my brain and body realize that I am sitting absolutely still not listening to the chatter, the quiet ,moment has begun. Something magical starts to happen. From the moment you decide “you are in control, and you are going to do get things done at your pace and your way….things begin to happen.
In PL we work at being “mindful” being “present”, when the brain starts to chatter in unproductive blah blah blah. We quietly make time to center ourselves and take back ownership of our day.

Ask yourself, what is needed now and what can wait?
Oh Q Roo (kangaroo) is happy, happy happy! thanks for sharing this moment with me…..

photo- Wynx Kangaroo avatar. clothing by Qyhat Harbour (taken @ Tiny Outpost in SL)

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