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Wednesday greetings

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day….

Everybody has a different Way of thinking and seeing the world ,I’m a morning person, I love waking up to a brand new day.

What about you?

Yesterday I found a shop called Crystal Dawn, I’ve seen it advertised, but never have I been near the place, yesterday I was, so I crossed the street and went in. How could I not.  The place/ambiance was so inviting, crystals were on display everywhere, There were a multitude of other minerals, gemstones, and the other paraphernalia that one would expect, the incense was subtle and soothing… the owner had staged the place in a very “winning” way.  All I saw was the crystals, I found myself drawn to a cabinet that held perfectly round crystals with inclusions.  The triple A grade were nice, but I wanted the imperfections, and I wanted (not intentionally) something, I  didn’t know what, but I knew that when I saw it, I would “know”.

The decision was not a quick one, it is almost like an adoption process… the vibration/energy of the mineral had to “speak” to me, if you are into crystals, you will know of what I speak. It’s Interesting because we all see things differently…  Nothing or anyone else in the shop was happening for me, only the crystals.  Finally I held the one crystal, went to the sunlight, saw the  brilliant reflection of a single “bling” and knew I’d found my personal crystal.  Now, dear reader, that was a special moment,  Yet, I heard an inner voice “have an appropriate mind frame towards using money and things.”  You have heard me say this before.  I live with Yin/Yang in my life, the PL Way, is always first and foremost in my day/night.  Somehow in all the process I’d just lived, allowing my “instinct” to play out that “moment” in my life, the cost, the size, it all seemed to just  work out, 1,2,3, it happened, it was in my price range, and I did not fall into the> and I’ll get this and this to go with it<.. No.. I paid for the crystal and left the shop knowing that I would be guided to the next step … 

Yes I was. Next in my wandering I found a retail/wholesale vendor of gemstones/beads and findings, but even though tempted, I did not stray, I left the shop and kept going.  I met a young lady in one shop who in talking found out about a sale of singing bowls at one of the known metaphysical shops in another part of town. I was also able to talk about PL, Perfect Liberty,  again, it was right time, right place. (btw I was headed to a destination to meet a friend for lunch, I did have a reason for being downtown in the first place)  Almost at the meeting place, I went into another bead shop.. and “hello” the young lady there sold me exactly 4 yards of a strong cotton that would be perfect for the sling/pocket in which to carry the crystal.  (No, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this, but I had faith, I believed it would be.)

Last night, I sat the dog and crystal on my lap, a crochet hook in hand,  I began to crochet.  NO idea of how or what was going to happen.  Happen it did. I couldn’t be more chuffed.  I had just the right length of strong leather cording for it to hang in just the right place, and I was able to lay hands on my black jewelry wire to bind everything in place.  Et Voila my personal crystal is ready for use and travel, it is very exciting.

Everyone has a different point of view, or “take” on life… Let’s enjoy and appreciate the personalities and differences we all have.  Listen to your “Instinct” “heed your inner voice” Believe” “have faith” =^_^=

Blessings of the day, may your day thrive and  happiness abound.

photo is from New Zealand –  thanks Shirley K.

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  1. amplitudejoy said:

    Great story. I love how you describe being in the present moment and having a white paper state of mind. I also love the Crystal Dawn store. If you have a picture of your Crystal holder, please send it to me. Christianne

    Sent from my iPad


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