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Good Morning Everyone!

Clark Kent used a phone booth to become Super Man
Bat Man (Bruce Wayne)had his bat mobile
Wonder Woman her whip, long legs and blue eyes

During the courses of the day, new things happen all the time. Get into the rhythm of things, swing into action be your own action figure.
Today I’m going to explore the world of the “neko”


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Neko is the Japanese word for cat (猫)

Asia comes to life_002

Rented an apartment in Serenity Woods,  The guide I met there, (he works on the sim, helps new comers to the area adjust, find what they are looking for, helps them to assimilate.  I’ll pay rent of 195 lindens a week, and get to meet new people from all over the world.

I am  wanting to know more about the avatar, (the man behind the avatar from the UK), like myself has been in the virtual world since 2007, HIs RL work has him traveling to other countries, I learned he has  been to Peru, this is one country I know little of and want to know more of)   I will add a link to SL at the end of this blog.  It is cold, damp and windy today do you dare to explore?

We can embrace our day, or watch it fade away, come on… join me… get out and play …. tomorrow will be another day.  Make today count ….



Love and Blessings, today and always  


photos – Q

link to Second Life – http://www.secondlife.com

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