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Carrot meat loaf

Thanks to a goof on my part, tonight we got to enjoy a yummy carrot meat loaf.  It looked so good in the roasting pan, I didn’t want to cut into it till I took a photo. =^_^=

photo (14)Yes it was good, it was delicious.  I didn’t set out to make a carrot meat loaf, my intent when I started in the kitchen was to make carrot juice. Yup I bunged up the carrot juice.. I used a blender, duh, so of course, I ended up with a lot of carrot fiber, and water that had a carrot taste.  I’d added a good dose of shredded ginger to the concoction   What to do.  I grew up hearing “waste not, want not”  I decided to use the 3/4 pound of lean ground beef we had and fresh veggies and roast the lot.  Creative thinking is my specialty =^_^=

Drained the “carrot juice” put the liquid aside and the fiber in a second bowl. (drank the liquid on its own, and used some in the loaf for added moisture.

In a big mixing bowl, I cut and sliced, 3 zucchini, more carrot, 1 good size stalk of  leek, finely sliced… & 1 medium potato….smashed up 4 good buds of garlic and tossed everything together. I found left over rice in the fridge, tossed that in too.  Soy (low sodium) and a dash of fish sauce (anchovies)

Added 1 cup of Panko bread crumbs and 1 egg, kneaded the mix till it was light and fluffy then poured it into a big roasting pan.  Patted it down nice and firm, the added slices of another zucchini arranged across the mixture. cubed and diced a large tomato and tossed it over the zucchini. Then to sweeten the taste I added handfuls of  3 types of cheese that were already shredded to form a light layer over the veggies.  I noticed I had a handful of sliced celery in the fridge so I sprinkled that on too. I like food to be visually appealing too.

Into the oven it went for an hour at 325- 350 degrees F.    WE had some very cold weather last night, so when it was done, I simply turned off the little oven and left the loaf there to cool and refrigerate till we were ready to eat today..   Supper time  I brought the pan in, sliced a piece of loaf and served it with  mixed green veggies, a red baked potato, and some Farm Boy slaw. (Farm Boy is a specialty fresh vegetable, meat and fruit shop we have here in Ottawa)  mixture of fresh greens were steamed, no salt, condiments or butter. The potato did get a dollop of butter.

This was a very high fiber rich meal. =^_^=,  we have enough left over (freezer) for a couple of meals.

Bon appetit!         nb* the spices you want to use are up to you, these ingredients will harmonize with practically anything.  Had I had mushrooms                                                       on hand, you can be assured I’d have used them.

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  1. what are you, the new Martha Stewart!

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