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Good morning, good morning

I’m still reading yesterday’s lesson, “Begin each day with a renewed sense of appreciation”  the sun is streaming in my office window… I slept in late, feeling lazy and happy.  Nice way to start the day, don’t you think?  Had a short conversation of sorts with a young woman from Brazil (Rio) who didn’t speak English, and I don’t speak Portuguese, so it was brief, but enjoyable, we both grabbed a dictionary and did our best.  =^_^=



In doing our best, in putting our heart and soul into what we are doing – being present/focused – we always achieve  a “connection.” In giving our best, we are rewarded with a result, it isn’t always the result we set out for, but it is a result never-the-less.  I’ve learned to appreciate the little detours that the Universe provides, makes learning my “lessons” much more of an adventure … after all…. Life is Art.



The top photograph was taken in Japan, the magnificent sculptured Tower/building can be found on the Perfect Liberty campus in Tondabayashi, Osaka, Japan. (The PL Peace Tower)  The view from the upper rooms is breathtaking.  The second photo is part of the landscaping on campus.

Make today count!  

May your day be filled with warmth, happiness and love.  Always and forever.  Oyashikiri

Comments on: "Good morning, good morning" (4)

  1. amplitudejoy said:

    Wow, wonderful, inspiring blog this morning. You find. Words that touch the heart and quicken the mind. Mine anyways. Do you still have the info about the woman who wanted someone to dictate massage in SL. I would be ready for some of that now. But I threw the info out. In the mean time I can search for massage and see what I get. Have a great day, in and out. C


    • check under spa treatments too… I think Q might still have it, but I can’t get in to SL this morning, there seems to be a problem at their end.. sent you an e-mail

  2. Deborah Lobban said:

    Hi, sweetheart. I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t call you over the holidays… just suffice to say, that work kept me busy. And mourning another person taken too young about 6- weeks ago. The depression is hitting me very hard and I do find it a challenge to ‘reach out’ for help, altho am still going to my therapist. Take care and much love Deborah

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