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landscape arch, longest natural arch in world Trevor Warren

Good morning everyone!

How we respond to others, how we greet our friends and acquaintances along the way, speak volumes about how we respect and feel towards fellow travelers in this world of ours.  Make it a point to be the first to say hello, smile, or greet someone you meet. A smile goes a long way in making the difference in someone else’s day.  Good relationships begin with the first hello. Sincerity (Makoto) plays a huge factor in the development of a friendship.  Be a friend, be someone who cares.

I have written to the person who shared this photo on Pinterest, I would love to know where this is.  If anyone out there recognizes the location, please.. drop me a line. It is alledged that it is the longest natural arch known.

*allaha1smarlad1k (goodbye)                               Till next time..    be kind, be aware, smile and take care.          Oyashikiri




* my attempt at Turkish without a proper keyboard  =^_^=

Comments on: "Happy Wednesday -Carsamba" (1)

  1. Yes, smiles really are universal. Thanks Q.

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