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the living is easy

Good afternoon everyone…

Bright and early I too myself off to the cemetery to cut back the evergreens that I planted there some 30 years ago.  I had intended to take a before picture, but by the time I arrived at the cemetery the heat of the day was already beginning to show itself.  Shy flower that I am… I went over, pulled the weeds, and gathered up the dead leaves for the mulch bag with a determined dedication of purpose.

How is your day so far?  The hot weather is to continue on here for the rest of the week.  Good time to stay indoors and work on projects in my studio.

I have had many ideas these past weeks, but not had the chance to get started.  Today is the day.

How to live an Artistic life...

The PL Principles(21)are the practical guidelines for our daily lives.  As PL members they assist us in practicing the PL Precepts (21)  The 21 Principles are specific guidelines on how to live the PL Way (an artistic life) and teach us how to reach a positive state of mind, so that we can express ourselves more harmoniously and joyfully

Principle #14  I will not have a mind to be lazy.  I will not have complaints while working, nor be overly concerned and complain about others.

Reminder, Ancestors day, July 11th.   service will be at 10 a.m.



Happy Wednesday -Carsamba

landscape arch, longest natural arch in world Trevor Warren

Good morning everyone!

How we respond to others, how we greet our friends and acquaintances along the way, speak volumes about how we respect and feel towards fellow travelers in this world of ours.  Make it a point to be the first to say hello, smile, or greet someone you meet. A smile goes a long way in making the difference in someone else’s day.  Good relationships begin with the first hello. Sincerity (Makoto) plays a huge factor in the development of a friendship.  Be a friend, be someone who cares.

I have written to the person who shared this photo on Pinterest, I would love to know where this is.  If anyone out there recognizes the location, please.. drop me a line. It is alledged that it is the longest natural arch known.

*allaha1smarlad1k (goodbye)                               Till next time..    be kind, be aware, smile and take care.          Oyashikiri




* my attempt at Turkish without a proper keyboard  =^_^=

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