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Abandoned or lost


Where does the time go.  Mid July, soon to be August, it wasn’t that long ago, that we were still in 2013, Mother Time is slowly nudging the dial along,  Once  upon a time I was a hedge hog, and had to decide, to stay and remain or to stand up and grow, allow and become the woman I really wanted to be.  OK  OK no matter what disguise one wears, we never escape being the person we are. It is so much easier to wear a mask and not face the day-to-day issues face on.

Dec 23_002


So do I abandon the Tiny in me, or do I incorporate and used the lessons I gained into the woman I am today.  Of course all of the experiences one lives, become a part of who we  are,  it is a matter of how we assimilate and process life’s blessings, rewards and challenges that make us who we are today.  Living in the NOW means that I have neither abandoned or lost any part of me. I embrace all that I have been and all that I am now.  I simply AM, no more, no less.

And what am I.  I’m a person who is very happy and wants to share my love of life with each and every one of you. Now and always.

amor gignit amorem [L]  Love begets love

Namaste  –  Oyashikiri

2013-01-18 July 8 misc 004

Cherries from our tree – Q

Comments on: "Abandoned or lost" (3)

  1. With cherries like that I’d be thinking of nothing else but the delight of sweet eating. Who thinks of all else in a cherry eating moment? Blessings, dear friend. xxx

  2. The sum of our parts. Love to you too Q. Thanks for these thoughts.

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