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I have a cold…


Good day everyone….

I have a cold… blanket statement…  What does that mean exactly.  It is a response that I have used for a number of symptoms, and it usually satisfies the person to whom I am talking.  I realized the other day that my making that statement doesn’t always stem from my having the same symptoms, if I were to really examine and say out loud why I was making that statement, I think the listener would have lost interest and moved on.    Saying “I have a cold” is much like the other conversational throw away “how are you”  reply “fine”

They are openers that more often then naught are merely cordial greetings.  In conversation with Rev. Eugene the other day, when i verbalized that I had a cold/flu, his response was, “why”.  My internal response, “hello, why” of course that was an excellent PL reply.

Exactly … he brought the statement, the thought back to me for closer examination.  After all if I have a cold, or say I have a cold, what is it that brought this on, why do I feel like I do… No one can answer these questions but myself.

If my body is rebelling on me, giving me grief, I have to ask myself why. what am I doing, saying or thinking that is creating an imbalance in my thought pattern, or harmony in my body,mind and soul.  Speaking about me, I know that I have a tendency to get really busy, stay actively busy looking “out”… when I am not wanting to perhaps address something that is “stewing” “inside me.

Having a cold means that I can retreat with an excuse.  I can take to my bed and sleep the whole morning.totally oblivious to anything but the “mode of BEING” I’m in..  Since I can’t sleep all day.. guess what.. I will keep busy till I can hit my bed once more and sleep till next time I wake.  I have a cold.


this is an ant pushing a drop of rain

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Comments on: "I have a cold…" (3)

  1. Eugene Hayashi said:

    To never get a cold, have balance in everything you do, i.e. don’t over do or think, and few other things.

  2. velcro2424 said:

    You think you have a cold then, guess what, you have a cold and could feel miserable. Know that you have a cold without going on and on about it and simply dealing with it might be a better way to go. After all, a cold generally does not last longer than a week. A cold that is treated with all sorts of meds, along with a miserable attitude will most likely last seven days………

    ………or not!

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