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Jail and wedding chapel


Although I have heard during my lifetime, that some have found marriage to be very restrictive at times, and non to happy to be tied in what they have considered a “life sentence”.. when I saw this picture all I could think of was that somewhere, in years past, someone had a sense of humour.

We are the makers of our own destiny … we are the culprits that live with the challenges created by or from choices we have made. We are the leading characters, and sometimes even the directors of the scenes we are cast into.


There is a difference between being abandoned, and “lost in time”  When you abandon, you give up, you walk away, and don’t look back.   If we choose to recreate and live in a manner that is “lost in time”  we are happy with our choices.  When we abandon often the feelings are negative.


How does one go about changing a negative mind to a more positive mine.  Negativity can become a habit. Best solution is to begin now, one thought at a time.  If we feel a negative thought bubbling up, try to counter act it with a positive one.  At first it won’t be easy, but with time the positive outlook will win out.


Obstacles will go disappear, the rain will go away, and you will find that life will be lived in a much brighter world. All very poetic, but it does work, when we live putting a positive face to what we do…. we reap the benefits of all the work we did overcoming past negativities.


A favourite memory  California Highway 1 road trip – Mendocino County – a positive!  735 gorgeous miles of iconic road!

Start today, putting negativity behind you.




* found on jlmillican.tumblr.comn  (off Blue Ridge Parkway)

** sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net

*** trendhunter.com  architect Peter Archer


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