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sounds of snow


There is something to be said about the sounds on waking during or after a fresh snow fall.  It is a muffled silence that wraps the house in a cozy ambiance.. .I lay for almost an  hour today visiting the many postings of friends on Facebook.  Never would I do such a thing on another day.  Somehow the quiet of the morning allowed the lazy side of me to enjoy the moment.  I got to see videos that I otherwise would probably not have seen because I would have been up out of bed and right into my morning routine.

01f3f5cd21e1530b98cb6267f005f07dd81f66074fWhen I did get up, it was to grab the iPhone and head for the back door to take some pictures to share with you on the wonders of the new fresh fallen snow.  Suet and bird feed are put in the feeders in the front where active dogs can’t get at the dropped seeds.   First line of attack for birds is the feeders themselves, only when they can’t get at the feeder or the feeder is bare waiting for a refill do they pick up after themselves.  OK ok that is not quite true, the smarter ones are happy to get the fresh seed slopped by the type A birds that are busy trying to outdo themselves by being first on the small ledge of the feeders.


While we think of decorating trees and our homes, Mother Nature has been busy putting her own signature on the look of the holiday season. “Life is Art” (PL Precept 1)  Yesterday this same scene would have been drab and weary from the cold winters day.  Today with the artistic touches of nature, it is vibrant and alive, giving us a totally different side of its many “faces”..


In every little nook and cranny of our “inner selves” is a story to be told, a “golden moment”  we have lived and will relive in another season.  Some lessons come back too many times to count, others come along, and we never see them again, why, because we captured and retained the essence of the first visit.

0162f5811908271b1e537c6350bdf4d5a7a7416f8fMy lazy mind appreciated the morning lie in, so did the dogs who never stirred from my side, we were swaddled under warm blankets and the quilt I made a couple of years ago.  We were content.  Enjoy such moments when they come to you.  The  many “sounds of snow”… just one of the pleasures of winter.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my winter garden.  Love you all, each and every one of you. =^_^=

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

PS .. contrary to popular belief, Canadian winters are spectacular and brilliant like a well cut diamond!

Comments on: "sounds of snow" (8)

  1. These pics are so beautiful . I have never seen snow in my life. I wish to experience snowfall ❤

  2. amplitudejoy said:

    yes I enjoyed walking back from the corner store last night, my feet crunching and fluffing the snow under foot. The light thick fliquering flakes floating around my head. What a beauty. Thank you for your so lively winter garden.

  3. velcro2424 said:

    Congrats to both the photographer and Mother Nature. Nicely done!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and for liking some of my posts. May the Almighty God bless you more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.

  5. Thank you for sharing. The pics are great. I do the same thing when we have a fresh snow, grab my iPhone and start taking pics. I put on my snowshoes and head out back to hear the sounds of the snow. The creaking as it compresses under my shoes, the light sounds as it falls from trees. Snow is Art – perfect!!

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