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The X season

Good Day to you all... I hope that wherever you are the season is cheery and warm, happy and breezy.  It is the X season!   Xmas is everywhere.  Xmas trees are being sold in parking lots, malls and business are decked out in garlands of bright shining lights and the music from present and past seasons that are played at this time of the year, are filling the air in most public areas.  You can’t miss that this is the month of December, last month of the year, and where the shops are geared up to sell, sell, sell.

Certain agencies take advantage of the season, and spend dollars putting ads on that ask for your money for strangers in way off countries.  And  not to leave the animals out, some  post e and share awful and terrible pictures of cruelty to domestic animals, looking for money for their needs.


Any and all material/cosmetic/organic etc. you could dream of, or want are being presented on a platter for you to drool or dream over.  The pressure is applied from all quarters, credit cards are getting a work out everyone gets caught up.  Its hard not to enjoy the gaiety and colourful temptations in some way or another.

d6341cce2b81d9abb3c0176e10f2fcb1Commercials tug at the heart-strings, the movies shown are often tear jerkers, almost all with happy endings.  There was a time when  all the princesses  lived happily ever after, and fathers and mothers knew best. (well OK, on the telly)  Xmas shows were musical and variety specials featuring talent that was there to entertain.  We went to bed with dreams of candy canes and lingering sounds of laughter from the evening of shared fun watching the one television in the house.


When we had news to share with walked over to our friends place, no matter the weather, to share our news.  Or took up pen/pencil and wrote a letter with all our news.  If we took pictures we had to wait for the all the film to be used up and then taken in for developing.  It could take weeks..  Think about it, could we do that today?


Would this be sufficient today?  

Love is a precious gift,  it one that we can give personally, from the heart, true love is unconditional,  When we say I love you, we are saying we care, and will always care, no matter if that person is with us or not.  We care for the other  person’s happiness.  Love with all your heart (sincerity)

And for you who love a traditional song…..  =^_^=

I appreciate each and every one of you

young/old, you are the treasures in my world

God Bless you each and all

For you are what makes this world a better place

We are all ONE

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


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