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like a seed

abandoned castle #1 by nikonento on flickr

like a fertile seed

I blew  in one day

and found a place to lie

I remember sunny days

and others, where I only wanted to hide

days bleak and overcast

pounding pellets of rain forced me underground

with time I accepted the darkness

it felt nurturing

I felt protected

plants in the sun

as time went by I noticed that on sunny days

I began to sprout and reach towards the warmth

even the rain became my friend

after a long period of drought

I sighed with ecstacy when the crystal drops

bathed and fed me

plants on roof

I had been lost, alone in the world

my days and nights were spent alone

yet even  through times of darkness

I never lost faith, I waited

knowing when it was time, I would know why,

why, I had the capacity to know my thoughts

to feel the various ” states of being “

I experienced with the unfolding of my life’s story

rose and thorns

while at times I may look  dormant

there are other times I am alive with colour

my thorns can be a challenge,

but I really am worth knowing

I am a seed in this Universe of ours

that thrives with your unconditional love

I took root, I believed and I blossomed

now, I accept the various seasons

you gave me life to experience

and every year, I grow stronger

knowing that always you are the sun and rain

you are my all

no more, no less


Namaste –   Oyashikiri


*abandoned castle #1 by Nikotento -Flickr

** moonlightrainbow.tumblr.com

***nederlands, bluepueblo.tumblr.com

iv- stellalresque42.tumblr.com

Comments on: "like a seed" (9)

  1. velcro2424 said:

    Nicely written ! Great thoughts !

  2. So discerning and so elegant in its wisdom. A mix of broad strokes and exacting detail. You have pursued the imagery to the fullest.

  3. Beautiful pictures to go with such pretty words.

  4. BookOfBokeh said:

    Lovely and sweet!

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