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wedding shoeLOL, got you there, what have a pair of shoes got to do with Winnie the Pooh and Valentines…. smiles… I really don’t know but this is where I am this morning.  Have more coffee, it might help.  I was going through my mail when I came across this picture.  I am so blessed to have friends that share…  These shoes which I love btw, except I’d wear different laces, are featured in weddingonmania.com in an article on gorgeous …. wait for it…. vintage wedding shoes.

wedding decorations

That set me drifting off on weddings, tulle, flowers, balloons, fanciful stuff, then I remembered Saturday is Valentines day and my mind went to thinking if I’d done all my valentines… ( you can see why I needed a day of quiet yesterday!)

winnie the pooh


I recalled a book put out by Scholastic, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and Valentines, Too, by Liza Alexander illustrated by Carol C. Haantz.  It is a wonderful little story that reminds us to not jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts, and that knowing only a little bit about something, worrying and fretting can cause a lot of anxiety and stress, that could be avoided, if we believe and trust in our own strengths and knowledge about ourselves.


Winnie quote


In the Pooh story, Winnie couldn’t find  his friend Christopher Robin, then he saw him sitting on his own busy writing something, looking over, he saw the letters W – I – N and felt rather pleased, but then his friend kept writing, and in the end it wasn’t his name at all.  I won’t spoil the story for you, but it was near Valentines day, and Winnie felt sad thinking his friend had a new friend now, and….. well you know…. how thoughts  run through different scenarios.   Of course it all ends well, Valentines day came and Winnie got a card from Christopher addressed to him and he was very happy.  He told Christopher, “But, we thought you found a new friend”… to which the reply was “oh, Pooh Bear, just because I care about someone else, it doesn’t mean I care any less for you.” =^_^=

winnie colouring page

Here is a Valentine for you dear reader.. get out your crayons and have some fun, or print it out for someone who will enjoy a few minutes of R & R with Pooh.  Remember. I LOVE YOU….

Winnie quote 2

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


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  1. Hi Dymoon, Dear Friend, but you might want to hold off on giving your valentine for a week as it is next Friday, Feb. 14. I did like your entry very much.
    Lots of love,

    • LOL I give them out often during February, its heart and flowers month, and the Chinese New Year is on the 19th. Never enough love is shared. =^_^= and the 14th is Saturday!!

  2. ana.pilar said:

    Hi Dear Dymoon Sorry for my delay everything is fine here People went to Brazil and came very happy thank you for your thoughts about us. You are in my daily prayers:)

    Hope to see you perhaps in Japan 2015 yes??? With love Ana Pedrosa Asesora de Bienestar Herbalife Internacional “Nutrición para una vida mejor”

    > El 6/2/2015, a las 14:08, dymoonblog escribió: > > >

  3. I like the part that says your more amazing then you think. Today I am working as librarian. I had deaf girl come to my desk. I was able to remember some of the letters that my grandfather had taught me when I was in about in sixth grade. So it really felt good to be able to sign, I had forgotten how to do the g but she showed me that one. Thanks for posting!

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