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remember when

This was the future, and now it is history,  Trains still run, however, they are no longer considered marvels, or a mode of travel to fear. Does anyone out there remember carbon paper, and the joy a  typist had of not having to type a document 3 times, and horror of horrors if a typo was made and you had to realign the paper to correct it.  Now I hear complaints on how the smart phones and tablets automatically correct your text, whether it makes sense or not.

Technology is wonderful, and it has improved our lives in many ways, however it is often used instead of human contact and a phone call replaces a visit.  There was a time I would spend hours writing out a letter to a penpal/ friend I worked at my penmanship and drawing so that the letter would be fun and personal. Even the envelope got special attention.  I wanted my friend to know it was from me as soon as she saw the envelope.

Once posted, there was the wait for the postman to see what was happening in my friend’s world.  My Mother would send out cards for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, and any other occasion where a personal greeting would be appreciated and enjoyed. I was encouraged to make personal cards, and I admit it was most rewarding when I would get feedback on my efforts.  I carried this into my adult years, but as the technology changed and the newer methods of communicating began to enthrall  my creative side, I began to see that I could write more letters and spent time with more of my friends in far away places if I typed out my letters.  I would then draw pictures along the side and of course there was still the envelope to do.

Soon the machines got even fancier and we were able to do clip art and a number of other creative things on them, not just type alphabet and numbers. So letters were sent that looked more like a bulletin than a personal hand written letter,  In many ways they were slowly being de-personalized.  Friends began to use the modern technology more and more, and when the fax machines, copiers, and  e-mails came along,  well….. the letter writing was like a lost art.  We had instant gratification.

This is my personal observation, we have given up personal communication. being with someone, holding or hugging them, showing our caring with the energy and warmth that comes from being part of the air they breath, to transmitting words,/text across miles and being content with our efforts.  It is true we can’t always be there in person, but let me ask you please, if I am very sick, or dying somewhere, if you can’t come, at least send me a  hand written note, something you’ve touched, and expressed in your own words , in your writing in an envelope you’ve addressed, it will make me so happy.

It can be a simple, I’m thinking of you, get well soon, or die in peace, I don’t care… just care enough to be personal with me. LOL a post it note will do if you wrote on it, and addressed the envelope. I’ll know.. I’ll feel your energy as soon as I touch the envelope.

Love is a feeling, machines don’t do feelings ….


Touch, closeness, being present, is everything.

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri


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  1. velcro2424 said:

    Too true !

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