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Good morning everyone! Today we welcome Rev.Goto Sr. Minister @ the Perfect Liberty Church in NY.City, NY.  When reading his lesson for the service today, I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you.


Good morning everyone!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Yesterday when I was walking on the street to go to the post office, everyone looked so happy to be out enjoying the warmth of the l sunshine. The sun is one of the most important power sources, which significantly affects our lives. So today I am going to talk about the PL Precept #8, “LIVE AS THE SUN.”

All living creatures in this world includes we humans live our lives by receiving the abundant power of the sun. The trees and leaves make photosynthesis to produce oxygen and many flowers start to bloom by receiving spring sunshine. Now in Japan, it is the famous cherry blossom season. The cherry blossom look especially beautiful when they are bathed in spring sunlight. During this season, all people get together under the cherry tree to appreciate the beauty and the joys of spring by bringing their favorite sake and bento boxes.

You may recall the story of the North Wind and the Sun.

The North Wind and the Sun were having quarrel about which of them was the stronger. When a traveler passed along the road wrapped in a coat,  they started to compete,  which of them can strip his coat off.  The north wind sent a cold, howling blast against the traveler. But he immediately wrapped it closely around him, and the harder the Wind blew; the tighter he wrapped himself up in his coat to keep from the cold.

Then the Sun began to shine. At first his beams were gentle, then it grew warmer and warmer. The man naturally took off his cap; and at last he took off his coat by himself, then he took a rest under a tree.

The Second Founder gave this explanation on PL Precept #8 as follows; The meaning of this precept, “LIVE AS THE SUN” is to always feel refreshed and honest, live cheerfully, in high spirits, just like brilliance of the shining sun. We should also not have any worries or discontented feelings and we should always live honestly and sincerely just like pure, clear rays of the sun shining ceaselessly on the earth.

Then today we would like to study together with this precept; how to have always refreshed, honest, cheerful state of mind. The key of this is, to take every Kamuwaza lightheartedly and with good intention, then take positive action pleasantly toward the matter. If you receive Mishirase, let us take them with appreciation. Oshieoya-sama mentioned that the Mishirase is God’s merciful blessing in order to make us develop. Therefore if we don’t face Mishirase, we have no chance to progress. So it is important to say, “Thank you God!” when you receive Mishirase.

And there are some other useful tips to live in this precept “LIVE AS THE SUN.”

1, Let you not to talk badly about others behind their back.

2, Let you express ourselves bravely and shamelessly

3, Let you express light-heartedly (with little bit higher voice tone).

4, Let you take action right away when you notice something (without hesitation or postponing).

5, Let you clean up and keep our surroundings tidy up around you (which we have talked about previously)

6, Let us stop delving into the past (it’s important). 過去をほじくり返す

Oshieoya-sama said, “If you want to live as in this precept, please make your firm Shikiri at your Omitama, “I will live and express myself always brightly and cheerfully at any moment and place.”

Thank you. (Rev. Goto Takashi)            ——————

Kamuwaza (Acts of God)

Shikiri  -PL’s unique way of prayer, asking god’s blessing with a sincere promise to accomplish what we have to do.

Mishirase: Divine warning from God, in the form of an illness, misfortune, accident,pain or suffering

Omitama -PL prayer symbol that has been blessed in Japan by Oshieoya-sama

Oshieoya-sama – Honorific title of the spiritual leader of PL

Rev. Goto can be reached @ the church in Jackson Hts, NY. USA  (718) 424-8815  goto@perfectliberty.ca   – for more on PL you can visit http://www.perfectliberty.org. 

Photo- themindunleashed.dorg.

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