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I have the huge honor of sometimes getting to read a Sr. Minster’s words, I’m always left with a new way or a different perception of one of the Perfect Liberty Percepts.  This minister lives in another country, so it’s not like I can just pick up and attend one of his services. When I have heard him, his messages have been insightful.

That is one of the ways we learn in life, by listening.  Not only to being aware of our own adventures, and understanding the values we learn and the blessings we receive.  We learn by “listening” paying attention, to verbal and non verbal communications that come our way.

Part of the PL culture is sharing our blessings and challenges.  We call them testimonies.  It hasn’t really caught on here in Canada, but in South America, and Asian countries, ie. in particular Japan, where PL was born, standing up and sharing what your faced during your week, or that day, and what you learned, not only acts like a cleansing in a way, but it gives others an insight on something in their own lives, that they relate to or with.

One of the Precepts that I have worked on and I imagine I will continue to work on, is PL Precept #4   Being Annoyed limites your expressions.

Or if you wish.. PL Precept #5, One’s Self is lost by being emotional.

The Sr. Minister, tells of how when he and his wife were travelling to a special event, they had a long way to travel, and he was driving fast.  He was doing 74 mph on a hwy that was usually 65 mph.  However he missed when it changed to 55 mph, and guess what.. he got a speeding ticket.  AND when he was stopped, the police officer gave him a notice .. the ticket and fine etc would follow.  We had a very unhappy Sensei.

In PL we reflect on what happened, and why……….what Precept we were not following.

In this case, he and his wife during the trip, had one of those marital moments we all know if we have ever coupled, where a quarrel happens and the response to that is silent stewing. He was not paying 100% on what he was doing,   Refer back to PL#4 and PL# 5.

19 miles over the limit, the disharmony cost him $211.

In telling of this expensive lesson, a church member said,  “you are lucky, 19 miles over the limit means you lost 4 points. Had you been going 1 mile more over the limit 20, you license would have been suspended.    Your insurance premiums will likely be affected in the next 3 years!… but here is a good thing to know, If you take a course at the traffic school, 4 points will be reduced, this would reset your points.”  Sensei was very happy to learn this,  the member was very kind to have explained this to him.

In this experience, Sensi learned a lesson, in sharing it, he was blessed with information he had not had before.  “Life depends on how we accept things”   PL Precept # 16  All things progress and develop.

PL Precept #1    Life is Art



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  1. Great quote! Another benefit of sharing what happened and what you learned from it, is that you tell the tale in terms of its benefit. That would help me keep from feeling bad, if something bad had happened.

    I am not sure if I’m interpreting the precept properly, because my thought is that my emotional self is my best self! When I react to the world in the flood of emotions that hit me, I feel like that is the truest “me.” I only try not to inflict any trouble on those around me.

    But the rest of the guidance is very good advice: reflection is always a good thing. Sharing is usually good too.

    • Thank you for sharing, yes when we need to express or get an emotional outburst, then yes it is a true expression. however we feel that once we release, we let go and we look at what the positives were..I am a diabetic its alright to be told I have to watch my sugar count bla bla bla.. the reality is that there is sugat in so much these days, that often we don’t even know we are consuming it. All we can do is.. do our best,and try to focus on moderation.
      It is the same with emotions.. if we get annoyed, I’m much better now, then when I was younger.. it is such a waste of time.. because the realitiy is I am the one who is annoyed, and it is a because of my thoughts/actions I’m annoyed. The only person I have any “control”over is myself… Does that make sense? =^_^= btw, thanks for sharing

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