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China Huxinting Tea house,Shanghai

i sat and stared

my eyes saw

my mind withdrew

such beauty, so structured

did anyone live there

CHINA temple of heavenwas this in my past

did my ancestors really

live in this enchanted world

I am drawn to the calmness of the water

and the mirror image of the sky

water feature

in my garden,

I find the water feature soothing

the sound of the clear water

as it falls in a gentle cascade

to ripple and gurgle

on a hazy summer day

buddha garden

yes, I do believe

this day is ending

and I am already heading

towards a gentle unwinding

gradual closing of today

all things are possible

every moment of our lives is a treasure

we are part of a fantasy and dream

life is a continuation

of now

Till soon

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

verse/text Q

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