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The definition of staple in the dictionary is =  a main or important part of something.. this applies to many things in our lives.  As life has rolled along over the past years, with technology becoming more and more a part of our day to day lives.  One place and company that has become a staple in my life is “Staples” or known on the Quebec side as Bureau en Gros.


Almost every Staples that I have gone into, whether here or in the USA have shown friendly staff, and good customer service.  Our local Staples. is  at 1233 Donald Street at  St. Laurent.  Ottawa, Ontario.  They look after my computer, iPad and any other technical dilemma I come up against  Thank you, Tom, Matt and Aaron   This location may be the smallest in the area, but it is always busy, people are always coming in, why.. cuz they may be small, but they give Excellent customer service.  They do every thing they can to help you resolve your problem and/or find what you need.




While I am saying thank you, I want to include a restaurant that I can visit, and know that I will enjoy the buffet.  the Eclipse has two locations, one in Ottawa on Innes Road,   Depending on when you want to go, Reservations are helpful if you want to ensure a table.  the other store is in Burlington  www.eclipseasiancuisine.com


Art is in the eye of the beholder.  the setting, the metal, tires left to bake in the sun, the lush green that is carpeting the area.  It was like a walk in my own private garden.  There were birds singing in the trees, just enough of a breeze that the vegetation danced lazily against the rusting metal.  Have you ever tried to capture all the different colours of rust.  Here the metal parts and pieces, all became works of art, just for me.

Today, I give thanks for all in life that makes me happy, and brings interest and flavour to my days.  For sure the  people in my  life are awesome, always a smile, always a lending or helping hand.  Life is good.  Happiness shared, is so satisfying …  Till next visit, thank you for dropping by.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


PL Principle #3   I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things



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