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Thursday Doors 11.17th

BerryHolm Poultry Farm started out as a small local business, and grew into one of Eastern Ontario’s top Independent egg producers, when at the time, young David Berry bought the business from his father, and renamed it Berry’s Egg Farm.

The man, David Berry passed away (90) in 2010, he was known for his kind heart, being gentle, loving and patient, It is said that he had the gift of making anyone he met feel valued. His legacy of strong values and principles were the core values he undertook in all he did throughout his life.

When I read his obit, I thought, what a wonderful man I would have liked to have met him. As a writer, we get to write and say a lot about the world around us.  We meet a lot of people along the way and some we don’t actually meet, but their lives cross ours in a different way.  Mr. Berry’s world crossed mine when I was drawn to the above building, and was drawn to capture it with my lens.

“His wit and humour endeared him to all who met him” Ottawa Citizen, April 19,2010

How will you be remembered?  I tell myself, I will be gone, I won’t know, so does it matter?

Will I be like the building, left standing, my past speaking volumes, while “I” (ego) am silent.

PL Precept #2   To live is to Express One’s Self

PL Principle #3  I will live with a mind  of appreciation towards others and things


Have  joyous day!

Comments on: "Thursday Doors 11.17th" (5)

  1. Is the place still in operation? In some of these pics it looks abandoned….

  2. To be remembered like that is such a tribute. Egg-cellent. 🙂


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