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accidents happen

IMGP2660 Nick

Sorry everyone   I didn’t get to church today, was busy being hit by a car, and dealing with having to do an accident report, and getting my car towed etc.

PL calendar day 31    Someone who is mentally prepared is strong

Even when things look grim, if you take on the situation with determination, you will be able to make a fresh start with a positive outlook.

Sometimes, things happen that are unexpected.  Living in the NOW, you deal with it and move on.

PL Precept #7    Everything exists in relativity

PL Precept # 4  Being annoyed limits your expression

I won’t refuse positive energy being sent this way.  =^_^=   Thanks!!



photo – Nick



Comments on: "accidents happen" (24)

  1. mvobsession said:

    Hope you’re ok.

    • at the moment, I am hoping that I can fall asleep easily.. thank you so much for touching base with me. I feel so blessed

  2. Nick Vrtis said:

    Prayers and caring thoughts your way. Hope you didn’t get hurt..

  3. Moz Loordes said:

    I hope you weren’t injured… and that it’s only the car In my prayers!

    • so far so good, thank you dear friend…the car could be a write off… I feel blessed that I seem to be doing fine.

  4. Oh, that’s not a good way to start the day! Hope no one was injured and everything covered by insurance.

  5. Love and prayers flying to you. Baby yourself for awhile, lots of TLC!

  6. Ooh, scary, I hope you are okay and the car can be repaired. I admire your positive attitude!

    • I believe that there has to be a reason that the Universe is stepping.. I need to reflect and be more aware… Thank you so much Eliza..

  7. May you be mobile again soon

  8. Sorry for your bad experience. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    • Fortunately, no one was hurt, (we were standing and able to do what needed doing) now it is waiting and practicing patience

  9. Well wishes to you!!

  10. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are ok!

  11. So sorry to hear what happened, it can be a frightening experience. Hope you’re OK and sending healing thoughts 💞💜💞

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