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Afternoon greetings, boa tarde!

When I got up this morning, I felt rested after a good night’s sleep so I decided I would do a few errands close to home.  I knew or should I say hoped that I would hear from the adjustor or the dealer about my car. At nine I prepared to leave expecting to be back in a couple of hours tops.

The day was clear, a little overcast, and not too cold.  As I prepared to leave, I decided to change my footwear, from sturdy walking shoes to my gum boots.  ??? why I had no idea, since I had no plans to be out of the city.  But.. went with my instinct and put on my Bogs.  They are comfortable after all.

All good plans and planning were for naught. Circumstances were such that instead of coming home, the adjustor called me, when I was less than 10 minutes from my street.  The towing company would not release my car without my authorization.  Even though I had given them that previously, it was not enough, they wanted me to sign a release form because I had personal items in my car.

The pound as they call it, was WAY out.  Not a little out, but a long way out.  When I finally got there, it was all mud, not just a little mud, but deep rutted thick squishy wet mud that sucked anything that dared enter the grounds. YAY THANK YOU GOD!!! I was wearing my boots.

In PL we are reminded over and over, to trust in that inner voice,  The Universe works in special ways.  I drove home with gratitude and appreciation that with time my faith has devloped and I believe.. PL Precept # 11 Always be with God,

Yes it was a frustrating at times, but I did it, I got what was needed done.  Thank you thank you thank you, to all of you who care and watch out for me.  I appreciate you all.

car accident 4

PL Precept #15 All is a mirror

car accident march 1



mud pictures -internet

Comments on: "trust" (11)

  1. So scary! I am very glad you are okay, but sorry you went through this.

  2. Nick Vrtis said:

    Oh.. so you think you are enough of a kid to play in the mud?… Good for you.! Sorry you needed that much of a reason to do it.

    Sounds like you are at least not feeling too bad or hurt. Hugs and prayers your way.

    • I confess the sound of mud sucking and clinging to my boots, was not a thrilling moment. I had to figure out how to clean them before getting back in the rental. BUT I did it. I can now sing, I am a big girl now…. hope you two are enjoying your holiday trip.

  3. Glad it all worked out. Good boots are a blessing!

    Thanks for the lovely calendar! It arrived in my box after a bit of a vexing day. I turned to day 2 and found a perfect sentiment to soothe my angst.

  4. Such a pain. Well done for following your inner voice

  5. yikes….hope you had collision and a reasonable deductible.

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