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Time was


Time was when this was  bright and new.


when new it would not have held the same fascination as it does now

While no longer as it was, this fence still stands firmly locked in place.  Its purpose has not changed with age.  I have loved this place for years, finally the other day, I pulled over and visited.


I suspect it was provincially owned, I have never been there before, yet when I walked around to the back, I felt at peace, the traffic noises drifted away, the moment was pure zen.


This is my idea of a secret garden. =^_^=  Find your peace today.

Reminder tomorrow’s Ancestor’s day service is at 10:a.m. Tuesday, June 11.



Comments on: "Time was" (10)

  1. A changed and changing structure, it remains steadfast, at least for a few more years. Can any of us want more for ourselves?

    Thanks for the photos and sentiment.

    Stan in Tokyo

    • hi Stan, last time I was in Osaka, I was in a rural area, where there was “space” and signs of another time. Unlike Tokyo, my experience there was “urban” big city, full of people and commercial establishments..Tondabayashi for me is far, but this place and the sense of quiet it gave me, was like being back in Japan. Thank you for visiting..

  2. Always nice to watch a place for years and finally stop to explore. Nice pics.

    • it was a big step for me.. I don’t usually disobey no trespassing signs… but I had to see..I would kick myself silly if the place gets torn down and disappears.

  3. Very nice. I like the concept that the purpose doesn’t change with age. 🙂

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