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Monday 24th

Quilts, labours of love, pieces of art, folk art, decorative and useful. Are you a quilt or a blanket!!

PL calendar day 24

Things that all have a meaning.  everything that happens to us, happen for a reason.  Each and every occurence is a chance for you to improve yourself.

PL Precept #16 All things progress and develop.  Todo progresa y evoluciona


Comments on: "Monday 24th" (2)

  1. A Japanese saying I am fond of: 光陰矢の如し (kouin ya no gotoshi). Direct translation: “Light and shadow are as an arrow.” Time flies like an arrow.


    • that is lovely Stan, thank you for sharing -if you are bilingual, wish I had had you nearby when I was there the last few times. =^_^=

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