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Found, in a search and find mission the other day.  Was actually looking for paint. Thinking I got off the “track” somehow.  There she was, patiently waiting to be discovered.  It was the highlights in her hair and her make up that “hooked” me.  Her eyes are still bright with a sparkle.  She had been well loved,  now she was discarded waiting for her new fate.

I can easily be distracted when I am in an interesting place.  I learn about myself and life by being open to new possibilities.  My husband as a reporter, was a great observer,  we could be in the same place at the same time, but his sense of what was happening, and mine were often very different.  The unique components of his personality and character blended and added to my own “self”.

It is interesting how often in the day, his presence in my life is felt.   Never be afraid of love or of differences, in a relationship, they make us stronger.  Love is unconditional, it is faith, trust,  & so much more.  The word respect is so important, in defining a strong relationship, whatever the relationship might be.

Is RESPECT in your life?  “love”


A great many people think they are thinking, when they are actually rearranging their prejudices.   William James


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  1. I often feel the presence of a friend or family member who has passed over if I’m doing something they enjoyed or visiting a place they liked… it brings a sense of continuity.

  2. Amazing how something as simple as a gust of wind, a melody, a quotation, a scent can trigger a connection with someone long gone.

    • in the “old” days, entering a bookstore, had a special charm by the smell of all the new books, with different printing methods now, that is gone, or when someone walked by who had smoked a pipe earlier that morning… yes.. scent is an important part of our day too
      Good morning Peggy!

  3. That doll was clearly waiting for you. As I get older there are more of those who will always stay with me

  4. I love the James quote! As the years pass and more of the people I love have gone before me, I find I both long for them AND carry them with me. I’m gradually transitioning from “I wish I could share this with Jane” to “Look at this, Janie!”

    • I am so with you there, often it is thru my friend that I first learned to appreciate or see something, friends, good ones are forever.

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