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Chop Suey Thursday


It was a wonderful sunny day.  On my own, I decided to take a detour from my usual way home.


The heat of the day meant that there was no one else around, I had the pier to myself.  Time to listen to the sounds of nothing in particular, just to enjoy.  I stood still, but the world around me kept moving.


There is something peaceful about being able to enjoy an area, that at other times could be very active.


It was hot, but I was relaxed, and I enjoyed being by the water.  Me who is not a person who does well in the heat. What was pleasant was the feeling of doing something different, taking the side road, and allowing the moments to Just Happen.

Todays calendar 18th. said  You will feel better when you take immediate action..  that is what I did yesterday, and I was so wonderfully rewarded.  The fact that my computer has been out of commission for a few days,and the other petty annoyances, disappeared.  In fact, it was rather a very enjoyable day and evening.


See the boat off in the distance, that was my worries and cares, drifting off into parts unknown.   happiness is, taking time to BE.



Comments on: "Chop Suey Thursday" (8)

  1. Moz Loordes said:

    Looks an idyllic place, what a find 🙂 Hope you’re feeling more refreshed this evening ❤

    • hello luv, everyday is a new beginning,thank you, yes…feeling much more “balanced” how are you enjoying summer across the pond?

      • Moz Loordes said:

        Very pleasant, thank you, my friend! We had a bit of a heatwave and now it’s moderate which is how the Brits like it – even though moaning about the weather is a bit of a national obsession *laughs*

  2. Nick Vrtis said:

    Computer not behaving again? You really need to have a serious woman to computer discussion.

    • I hear you, again… wished you were here.. or closer… sigh.. see you have both been kept busy… hugs to you both..

  3. Well done – good results, too

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