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a wave to you =^_^=


no tropical blues,

just simple flowing waves,

happily rolling in to cool

on a hot humid day

when no one wants to come out to play


it is just one of those days =^_^=

PL calendar day 21 –      Let’s be thankful for everything we have rght now

Now is an accuulation of every moment leading up to it and everything that continues to progress and develop to become NOW.  Be thankful for everything.




Comments on: "a wave to you =^_^=" (4)

  1. Nick Vrtis said:

    Our heat finally ‘broke’ last night. Dropped 15 degrees in about a half hour. Almost like when a fever ‘breaks’ and you suddenly feel human. Looks like reasonable weather for the rest of the week.

    • ours is not ready to say goodbye… it likes it here, many many are enjoying this summer, I am not one of them… thankfully I can stay where I am comfortable most of the time. Time to resdiscover my studio… sending love and hugs your way

  2. Love this. We are in the desert. Bring on the heat. Plus, The Holler is flooded. Love to you~

    • oh dear, sending a fresh breath of lightly scented air from the floral gardens that are at this moment enjoying the early morning cool. the desert, you are a courageous little flower, knowing you .. it is not stopping you from gathering photos to wow us with. HUGS

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