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There was a time, when we gathered with friends, and neighbours to create something “beautiful”. The afternoon and early evenings were the time when most could stop from their daily chores, to sit and visit. Before electricity became something available to most homes, women had to gather to share while the light of day was still present.

When we share with others, in a personal way that allows us to talk easily and work at something that we are all taking pleasure in, there is a quality fellowship that is born and grows with the passing of time.

Unexpectedly today I got to visit with two friends over a lovely meal, time seemed to pass so quickly as we caught up with each other, sharing what we had been doing since our last visit. We laughed easily as we shared the good and the frustrations of the past weeks. What a blessing to have reached this place of comfort in our friendships. Unconditional love, acceptance, respect, and genuine caring.

“If you are going to do it, do it joyfully. I you have to do something, choose to do it with joy and enthusiasm. By doing so, you will experience a deeper sense of beauty.”

Perfect Liberty day 23, 2014

Each new encounter with someone, is an opportunity for a friendship. Not everyone will harmonize with your “energy” but, when you find those who do, wow! what JOY.


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  1. My wife quilts, but it is a solitary pastime for her. However, I have clear memories as a child going to “quilting bees” at the church house with my mother where she and a dozen or so of her friends would sit and stand around a large quilting frame and combine with needle and thread the top pieces each woman had made at home to those of her neighbor to each other and to the backing with cotton quilting sandwiched in-between. They made these quilts for families that needed bedding and as gifts to young new mothers. I played with the other children and napped under the quilting frame. It’s a powerful memory to me.

    • oh I am so happy, yes, me too. memories of days when it was natural to gather and share, so missing in today’s world (at least here for me)

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