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princess shoe

What to do….. I found a shoe….. not just any shoe …. a Disney princess shoe. Some might think I should have just left it there, after all what are chances f finding the princess who lost her shoe. I was in a Coscto parking lot, need I say more. For those unfamiliar with Coscto, they are huge warehouse stores scattered across the United States and Canada.

Coscto is a members only experience. Some like my husband, just would not pay to shop, and then there is (in his view) the insult that you have to line up to leave the store to show your receipt and have an attendant mark that they have checked your basket. AND it is a warehouse, you buy in bulk, it started out (I believe) selling only to business’s. I digress.

This little shoe looked so forlorn, If you know how much a little person, even older ones, enjoy their dolls, and the friends they make of them, you may understand, my need to rescue the shoe.

Gone are the days when I could go to the community centre and put up a notice, “found, missing shoe”. There must be thousands of princess dolls just in one area of the city, never mind the whole city. Never the less, the shoe came home with me, and now sits there wondering what it is to do since, it is missing its sister shoe.

I did wonder, what the little parent will do when she/he realizes that the little Princess has lost her shoe. Would the grown up parent go out and purchase another pair of shoes? Oh yes it can be done, but you have to know where to go. There is a whole world within our grown up one, that caters to dolls and their needs. Remember I wrote about taking one of my dolls to have her hair done and ears pierced. =^_^=

These items are all in miniature,and suitable for a doll house. Some one had cleverly done this shadow box, I found it, but did not procure it or bring it home. Ahhh was that a sigh I heard, it was faint but I do believe there was a sigh of relief somewhere out there. =^_^=

Yes the little Piglet and I did go to Montreal yesterday, we went up one highway and came back another, the colours were magnificent. I have been so dazzled the last few weeks, that I am now wanting to get out my paints, and for that purpose I am gathering my canvas in the different sizes, to see what I am going to do.

Yes, we stopped in Alfred for Steamer hot dogs, and poutine with fresh curds, no it was not lunch, we had lunch at the pasta place in Montreal with the fresh pasta and special sauces all made inhouse. Suffice to say, it was late when we got back, and I …….. did NOT eat again.

I trust you are all enjoying the holiday week-end. I count my many blessings every day.

PL Principle # 3 I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

Perfect Liberty


yes, I am one of a kind, and so are you…!

Comments on: "princess shoe" (6)

  1. You certainly ran with that shoe

  2. Oh, poor little shoe! I’m sure it’ll find a new life with you, somehow. It was lost just for you to find! 🙂

  3. Agree with PL Principle #3. Being thankful and sincerely expressing that thanks to our fellowman, and to God, is the doorway to happiness, self-worth, and mental health.

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